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Posted 9 months ago

We are seeking an experienced mental health professional on a volunteering basis to oversee and expand our charity’s mental health services, currently an emotional support telephone helpline and referral service.

The role of the Mental Health Lead is to oversee and ensure the effective operation of the telephone support line for individuals seeking mental health assistance. Ensuring the smooth operations of the support line, supporting staff, maintaining quality standards, and facilitating access to appropriate mental health resources for callers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Leadership and supervision: Managing a team of support line staff, providing guidance, and offering support to ensure they have the necessary skills and resources needed to assist callers effectively. Ensuring that referrals from the Joy platform are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Developing policies, procedures and resources: Establishing guidelines and protocols for handling calls, maintaining caller confidentiality, escalating emergencies, and ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards. Establishing a resource knowledge base that support staff can refer to that helps them direct callers to additional services and support that are available.
  • Training and continuous professional development: Organising and providing training for support line staff on topics such as active listening, crisis intervention, mental health awareness, and self-care. Staying updated with the latest information and best practices in the mental health field.
  • Quality assurance: Monitoring and evaluating the performance of support line staff, ensuring compliance with service standards, and implementing quality improvement initiatives based on caller feedback and data analysis.
  • Crisis response management: Developing and implementing protocols for handling crisis or emergency situations, such as suicidal callers or those experiencing acute mental health distress. Coordinating with local emergency services when necessary.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders: Maintaining effective relationships with mental health organisations, clinicians, and other community resources to ensure appropriate referrals and follow-up support for callers when needed.
  • Data management: Overseeing accurate and confidential record-keeping, maintaining caller databases, and generating reports on call volumes, trends, and outcomes to inform program development and resource allocation.
  • Self-care and worker support: Promoting self-care practices among support line staff and providing debriefing sessions or access to counselling resources to help manage the emotional toll of the job.
  • Development of the service: Enhancing the existing emotional support we provide by introducing new means of seeking mental health support e.g. via e-chat, developing new referral relationships and undertaking outreach to increase the number of calls we receive.

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

  • Experienced and qualified mental health professional
  • Experience of managing, motivating and supporting people
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail and organisational skills
  • Ideally, experience of working with charities

Job Features

0-5 hours / month

Either in or out of office hours


Experience with Microsoft suite of products including Teams

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