Ramadan 2024 campaign for Yemen and Palestine!

Supporting Humanity’s Ramadan 2024 campaign for Yemen and Palestine!

Yemenis and Palestinians are starving. We have seen significant oppression and devastation imposed on the Palestinians and food and aid is limited, there are families with children, children without parents and no safe place to reside. Yemen is dealing with one of the worst humanitarian crisis we have seen, with no access to food, healthcare and safe water. 

In Ramadan 2024, Supporting humanity worked with Help Yateem who has an established bread factory in Yemen and Save one life who were on the ground in Palestine distributing funds with their hands to those that need it.

Supporting Humanity ran two complimentary campaigns:

A one day fundraiser with stalls, auctions and plenty of food from top east London and Essex restaurants and bakers! 

What an amazing effort, collectively we raised £110,000 for those that needed it!


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